PTAA has worked on hundreds of property tax appeals. A sample of the reductions we’ve achieved for our clients:

  • We were able to reduce the property tax value for a multi-family property by nearly 30%
  • We obtained a property tax reduction of over $1 million for a hotel in North Florida.
  • We obtained a $6 million property tax reduction for a multi-family property on the West Coast of Florida.
  •  Helped secure a 36% tax reduction for office building owner.
  •  Assisted in securing a 12% tax reduction for Hialeah multi-family owner.
  •  Helped obtain a 24% tax reduction for Medley vacant land owner.
  •  Obtained a nearly 15% tax reduction for condominium owner at Porsche Design Condominium.
    • Helped obtain 17% reduction for owner of vacant development land in Miami neighborhood of Wynwood.
    • Assisted in obtaining a 12.5% reduction for Miami Beach unit owner at Setai Condominium for a tax savings of $77,000.
    • Assisted a homeowner in obtaining a 30% reduction for their Miami Beach condominium creating nearly $9000 in tax savings that will continue annually moving forward due to the homestead status.
    • Reduced an industrial vacant land 69% for owner in Western Miami-Dade County for a tax saving of $55,000.
    • Saved a property owner 80% on taxes for property that was in an unusable condition.
    • Saved a property owner in a high-end condominium $13,000 in taxes.
    • Assisted commercial property owner in southern Miami-Dade County reduce by 50%.
    • Assisted in obtaining a property tax reduction for a Miami Beach condominium developer for remaining unsold inventory.
    • Helped newly constructed home reduce taxes by 25% equaling nearly 29.5K in actual savings.
    • Helped owner of multi-family property reduce taxes 34% generating more than $238,000 in actual savings for the client.
      Helped client reduce vacant land more than 99% from $4,965,840 to $19,000 generating more than $87k in tax savings.
  •  Helped reduce Miami Beach Single family home nearly $1M from the preliminary value equaling nearly 18K in tax savings for the homeowner.