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If you own a commercial or residential investment property, then you know that every August, the property appraiser issues TRIM (truth in millage) notices — preliminary tax notices regarding the market value of your property used to calculate the coming year’s property taxes, which will be used to pay for schools and other local public services.




Buying Your First Home – The Homestead Exemption
Buying a home can be an exhilarating, terrifying and ultimately, satisfying experience, especially for the first-time homeowner.
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Quit Claim Deeds, Corporate Home Ownership and The Homestead Exemption
For homeowners whose intent is to reside primarily in Florida, the state’s homestead laws offer homeowners property tax relief.
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Property Tax Exemptions for Members of the Armed Forces
Florida has carved out particular tax exemptions in their property laws for people who are currently serving in the military
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