Property Tax Adjustments For Industrial Warehouses

Property Tax Adjustments For Industrial Warehouses

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Industrial properties are valuable assets, and each type has certain characteristics that need to be considered for property tax assessment purposes. At Property Tax Adjustments & Appeals, we understand the myriad and nuanced differences among industrial properties, including size, ceiling and dock height, space configuration, access to rail and highways and more, so we can tailor the best approach to meet your needs and reduce your property assessments.


Industrial warehouses are a special type of property in Florida. Your property taxes depend on what kind of warehouse you own. For example, older, more structurally rudimentary “legacy” warehouses are simpler to assess, while newer structures are built specifically for modern supply chains with business logistics in mind.

Flex Space

This type of industrial property often includes a significant office component to the space.  Additionally, many flex spaces are climate-controlled and tend to have higher operating costs and expenses than other industrial properties. This type of space can be mischaracterized by property appraisers, who might not account for all the expenses. These properties are often over-assessed, so it is recommended that they be examined more closely to find potential cost savings.


Mini-storage unit businesses tend to have lower operating costs than other warehouse concerns. Because of this, appraisers frequently assess these business properties at a higher rate than may actually be called for.

If you own an industrial warehouse and think you’re being over-assessed, contact PTAA.