Property Tax Adjustments For Condos

Property Tax Adjustments For Condos

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Condominiums, unlike single-family homes, aren’t just comprised of the privately-owned residential units, but also the common areas and amenities that they share. Often, the value of the condominium consists of more than just the real estate. Name recognition, offered amenities and the level of service provided can have a significant impact on the property’s value.

Recognizing these differences is an important element to condominium valuation that we at PTAA understand and incorporate into our analysis. PTAA has developed tools to evaluate an entire building and make adjustments for floor heights, views, and other variables to better determine the correct value of each unit in a building.

Our team of professionals represents both individual condominium owners before the value adjustment boards, as well as entire buildings, when hired by the board of directors on behalf of all the unit owners. We are equipped and ready to represent your interests.


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