Property Tax Evaluation and Reductions

If you own a commercial or residential investment property, then you know that every August, the property appraiser issues TRIM (truth in millage) notices — preliminary tax notices regarding the market value of your property used to calculate the coming year’s property taxes, which will be used to pay for schools and other local public services.  It is incumbent upon you to determine whether the market value as determined by the property appraiser fair and correct. Property Tax Adjustments and Appeals, P.A. will help you maximize your property tax values while you minimize your tax risk.

If there are factors that may diminish your property’s value, such as market declines or construction defects, for example, or if you believe that the market value for your property is not accurate, you should consider filing an appeal. If you believe that your property has been over-assessed, we will work with you to evaluate your rights and challenge the assessment at a special hearing before the Value Adjustment Board.

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